Elcik family in 1910

Roots of MyCousins

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The Elcik family was represented in the 1910 United States Federal Census and the above photo. In top row from left to right: John P. Elcik, Jr.; Michael Elcik, and Andrew Elcik. Bottom row from left to right are Mary (Dutko) Elcik, Elizabeth (Small) Elcik, John P. Elcik, Sr.; Mary (Pelcarsky) Elcik; Susan (Kiszonak) Elcik; and Annie (Karkos) Elcik.

John P. Elcik, Sr. (1867-1941) was born November 28, 1867, in Parchovany, Czechoslovakia. He was baptized as Jan Ilcik (Ilscik) on December 28 of the same year. In 1891 he immigrated from Czechoslovakia to America, settling in Durham, Maine. In 1893 he married Maria Anna Pelcarsky (1870-1936).  At the time of the 1910 federal censuses, he had been married for 21 years, worked as a washer in a woolen mill, and owned his own house. He died on May 24, 1941, in Lewiston, Maine.

John and Mary had seven children: John Paul Elcik, Jr. (1896-1963), Michael Joseph Elcik (1897-1980), Mary Anna Elcik (1899-1982), Andrew J. Elcik (1901-1952), Elizabeth Annie Elcik (1905-1988), Annie Marie Elcik (1905), and Susan M. Elcik (1910-1999).

Identification of the parents,  and siblings if there were any, of John P. Elcik, Sr. is one of the research goals of MyCousins.

The speculation that my Great-Great-Grandfather might have siblings begins with a hunch.  In the late 1800s, families tended to be large.  I simply didn’t believe he was an only child. So, I begin looking. – Dr. John P. Elcik, IV