Tracing My Family Roots

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Tracing My Family Roots

Tracing My Family Roots


Often the search begins with a desire to know more about names written in the family Bible. In our case, it starts with a child’s school project. As details of our family’s past begin to unfold, we discover a fascinating story to tell.  And there is always another chapter to discover.

We began by collecting stories regarding the Elcik surname and Pam’s maiden name McClanahan. Because of interest, we added: Adams, Brekke, Byras, DeRosa, Gamache, Lucas, Skillin, and Strand. There are now dozens of surnames, and the family tree continues to grow. With Beth Gamache joining the project, and her talent for enlisting other contributors, our motivation to continue also grows. I no longer feel the perceived isolation of Ol’ Lonely, the Maytag repairman.  Instead, I have transitioned into the Rodney Dangerfield of Genealogy, as genealogists get no respect.

Tracing my family roots is my journey. If you want to know more about preserving your family history, DNA, what software we use, why we use multiple platforms, go to Q&A. There you will find the seven most frequently asked questions and their answers.  

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