Educational Achievements

Educational Achievements




The value of educational achievements cannot be overstated. Education helped springboard our family into the middle class resulting in better-paying jobs and homeownership.

During the early 1900s, very few students advanced beyond grade school. In 1900, only 11 percent of all children between ages fourteen and seventeen were enrolled in high school, and even fewer graduated. –

The effort to identify family educational achievements¹ for 29 surnames is in its infancy. We hope everyone will help us discover this part of our family history. Do your part by submitting educational achievements for yourself and others.

Slovakian Immigrants and Education

Slovak culture traditionally did not place a high emphasis on education. The Hungarian government’s Magyarization policy, together with the agricultural nature of Slovak society, worked against developing a culture that valued formal education.  – June Granatir Alexander

The 1800s

Name Education
1893 n/a Mary A.F. Elcik (born Fabian) Elementary School, 4th Grade.
1896 n/a Paul J. Elcik, Sr. Elementary School, 4th Grade.
1886 n/a John P. Elcik Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1887 n/a Mary E. Elcik Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1896 n/a John P. Elcik, Jr. Elementary School, 8th Grade.


Name Education
1901 n/a Mary G. Elcik (born Byras) HS, 3rd Year.
1905 n/a Clyde Raymond Skillin, Sr. Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1905 n/a Annie M. Karkos (born Elcik) Educated In the schools of Durham and Lisbon Falls.
1907 n/a Joseph Elsik Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1909 n/a Mary E. Elcik Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1911 n/a Rose Elsik Elementary School, 8th Grade.
1916 n/a Cecile L. Elcik (born Lagueux)
1917 John Lucas HS, 4th Year.
1920 1979 Ferne W. Adams (born Whitlock) HS, Lake Region High School in 1979, the same year her son William graduated.
1920 1937 Norman Gamache HS, Lisbon Falls High School.
1920 1936 Madeline Elcik (born Lucas) HS, Lisbon Falls High School.
1921 1941 Gertrude Dorothy Gamache (born Elcik) HS, Lisbon Falls High School.
1925 Roland M. “Mac” McClanahan Bachelor of Science in Commerce, DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, Alpha Delta Sigma.
1925 Andrew W. Elcik² Graduate of Gorham State Teachers College, Industrial Engineering.
1926 1946 Barbara Elcik (born Morse) Bachelors, Colby Junior College in New London, New Hampshire. Graduated in 1944 from Lisbon Falls High School as a co-valedictorian.
1928 1947 John P. Elcik, III HS, Lisbon Falls High School.
1929 Joyce Elaine Skillin (born Gardner) Graduated as a salutatorian from Merrill High School.
1929 Wanda L. McCauley/Elcik (born Simmons) A top graduate of the Franklin High School class of 1948.
1930 1948 Jacqueline Elcik/Skillin (born Skillin) HS, Cony High School.
1931 Clyde Raymond Skillin, Jr.
1933 1982 Eugene Paul Elcik Bachelor of Science, Business, University of Southern Maine.
1935 Thomas E. Gruhl Franklin College and the Banking College at the University of Wisconsin. He served in the US Army for two years and was blessed to receive the GI Bill.
1940 Edward P. Elcik HS, Lisbon High School.
1942 John Edmond “Jack” Gamache Bachelors,  Maine Maritime Academy.
1947 Larry Kashmer Bachelors, Electrical Engineering.



Name Education
1952 Kathleen (McClanahan) Gruhl Bachelor of Science, Ball State University.
1952 1984 John P. Elcik, Ed.D.³ Education Doctorate (1984), Educational Administration; Master of Arts, Executive Development for Public Service; Bachelor of Arts (1974), American Studies, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Associate of Arts (1972), Secondary Education, Anne Arundel Community College, Phi Delta Kappa.
1953 1975 Andrew W. “Bucky” Elcik Bachelor’s, Environmental Conservation, University of New Hampshire. Attended Maine Maritime Academy for one year.  Graduate of Berlin High School in 1971.
1954 1979 James Stacy Elcik Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland Baltimore County.
1954 1977 Pamela Ann Elcik (born McClanahan) Bachelor of Science, Public Relations, Speech and Theatre, Ball State University.
1960 Suzanne Mary “Suzy” Elcik (born McMahon) Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Maryland.
1961 1991 Jeffrey Lee Elcik Master of Science (1991), Operations Research, George Washington University, Bachelor of Science (1984), Electrical Engineering, Omega Rho.
1965 1992 Kelly Ann McClanahan Bachelors, Carthage College.
1968 Shannon Lee McClanahan, M.Ed. Master of Education, Business/ Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
1968 1989 Karen Elcik Bachelors, SUNY Oneonta.
1969 Karen Lawler (born Strand) Bachelors, Purdue University; HS,   Shortridge High School.
1970 Loni Beth Knoedler (born Gamache)
1972 1994 John Derek Gamache
Bachelor of Science, Speech Communication and Rhetoric, University of Maine.
1981 2016 Dennis Duryea Doctor of Radiology. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Stratford. Bachelors, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio. Medical School, UMDNJ – New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine – 2009
Residency, Diagnostic Radiology Milton S. Hershey Medical Center – 2015
Internship, Osteopathic Medicine Crozer-Keystone Health System – 2010
1984 2010 Stacey Daniel Duryea, MD (born Elcik) Medical Doctor, Anesthesiologist, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
1986 2010 John “J.P.” Elcik, V Bachelor of Science, Science Education, Bright Futures Scholarship, State of Florida 2006-2010.
1986 Matthew Portell Master of Business Administration (2022 expected), Finance, General, Loyola University Maryland. Diploma of Graduation with Honors, Maryland Banking School, Maryland Bankers Association.
1987 2012 Lauren Portell (born Elcik) Bachelors, Secondary Education and Social Studies, McDaniel College.
Masters, Education
1987 2009 Michelle Kathleen Elcik Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Bright Futures Scholarship, State of Florida 2006-2010.
1990 2019 Samuel Martin Elcik, DMD DMD, Dentist, Roseman University of Health Sciences.
1992 2019 Christopher James Elcik Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Earth and Atmospheric Science.
1993 Maxwell Crews Elcik
1994 Devon Elcik (born Flickinger) Ph.D. Coursework (ABD), Earth and Atmospheric Science, Mississippi State University.
1998 2020 Harrison Joseph Elcik Bachelor of Science, School of Public Health, University of Maryland.

2000 and Beyond


Birth Year Grad
Name Education

Educational Achievements

The Elcik’s began life in America as day laborers and demonstrated a strong work ethic of which we should be proud. By getting an education, working hard, they experienced homeownership when few did.  Today’s family has built on their real success, placed emphasis on education, and most have graduated from college. And at least four have earned doctoral degrees.


¹The documentation for educational achievements is found in historical and public records. Sources include the U.S. Federal Census, obituaries, and LinkedIn.

²Is Andrew the first family member to earn a college degree?

³Is John the first family member, to earn a doctorate? [John claims to be the first person with a  2-year Associates Degree to continue earning a Doctorate. Pam thinks he should have been a lawyer.]