A growing collection of individuals and organizations connected to the MyCousins Tree and eBook projects. Each connection has expressed interest by subscribing or contributing to the project. We are grateful for their early support and share their stories to show gratitude and inspire others.


MyCousins is an epistolary story told entirely in online communications.  Mostly told through email – Facebook and LinkedIn communications are also shared. It is both dialog and information sharing.



A growing collection of obituaries for our ancestors. Each obituary gets transcribed into editable text and attributed to its source. The goal is to make it easier to find and read obituaries. They are often scattered in obscure locations and rendered in different formats: Images, PDFs, Word. Each transcript gets a thorough spelling and grammar check.

Stories & More

MyCousins is committed to helping our cousins share family history regardless of format: books,  DNAobituaryphotospoetry, or stories. All are welcome.  Items submitted are either categorized as of general interest or organized by family surname.


Photo Galleries

Our photo album showcases & shares historical family photos online!  Profile images of the contributors are located in the Connections gallery.  Next are galleries devoted to surnames: Elcik, Gamache, and McClanahan. And finally, there is a gallery of family gravestones. Additional surname galleries and more photos are coming. We encourage families to visit, Facebook,, MyHeritage, and Pinterest to search for other family photos. Also, please contribute to their collections or ours.

Photo Contests

Our own version of which came first the chicken or the egg.  Visual storytelling is the heart of our Photo Contests. Whether it is wiser to start with the contest or start with photos is something we will soon find out. Will content offering nothing more than bragging rights attract entries. We have dedicated a whole page of bits and bytes to find out the answer. Check out the categories, and then send your photo submissions to  We have it on good authority that all contestants over the age of 18 will receive the answer to the original chicken or egg controversy.  Believe it or not, there is a genealogy response. And we will share it if you pay the price – enter, and enter often.


Genealogy Forum

Users must subscribe separately to the forum. Registration with family Projects (with its protected content) is not a requirement to join in the conversation.

Your reasons for researching your genealogy are unique. This forum is intended for individuals to focus on their own ancestry or that of their spouse’s. There are no professional genealogists here. If you desire to know more about your family’s history, have hope of uncovering a famous relative, and a sense of responsibility to future generations, you are in the right place.

This is also the right place to learn about the technologies that have generated an explosion of interest in charting family histories.  The digitization and availability of documents online and the ready availability of genetic testing to determine the geographic origins of one’s family are but two of these.  Join us in conversation and enjoy!

Forum topics include DNA, genealogy vs. family history, nominations for ancestry profiles, record sources for genealogy research, discussions about genealogy technology, and website feedback. Or submit your own.


The MyCousins website intentionally uses a minimalist design to focus attention on the story’s text and photos. The font for the text is called Merriweather.  It was designed to be highly readable on screens. Both text and photos are slightly larger than used on commercial websites.  A companion flash drive exists for those that want printable copies of documents, sources, or photos.