The effort to identify family occupations¹ for 29 surnames is in its infancy. We hope everyone will help us discover this part of our family history by submitting yourself and others’ occupations.

A job, employment, work or occupation, is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. Many people have multiple jobs. A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent. – Wikipedia

Date of Birth Name Occupation
11/28/1867 John P. Elcik, Sr. Washer, 30 Years a boss at the Worumbo Mill.


Maria Anna Elcik (born Pelcarsky) Housewife, mother, 7 children.
02/15/1896 Paul J. Elcik, Sr. Gigger, woolen mills.
02/20/1896 John P. Elcik, Jr. He retired after 40 years of employment at the Pejepscot Paper Company. He was a veteran of World War I.
abt 1896 Mary Elcik Carder, woolen mills; mother, 2 children.
1898 Michael Elcik Stripper, woolen mills.
11/05/1900 “Mary G.” Gertrude Elcik (born Byras) Housewife, mother, 6 children.
03/07/1905 Clyde Raymond Skillin, Sr. Auto mechanic.
4/19/1905 Annie M. Karkos Employed for many years in the Lisbon mills as an examiner in the serving room; mother, 1 son.
03/12/1907 Joseph Elcik Washer, woolen mills.
08/26/1908 Charlotte A. Skillin/Wentworth (born Adams) Worked as a dietitian for 12 years at the Coccomo Intermediate Health Care Center. Mother, 2 children.
05/20/1915 Paul Elcik, Jr. Finisher, woolen mills.
01/22, 1916 Cecile L. Elcik (born Lagueux) Employed at Commonwealth Shoe Company in Gardiner and Taylor Shoe Company in Augusta, both for several years. She was a self-employed seamstress and had owned and operated Cecile’s Tailor Shop on Water Street, Augusta, for 30 years. Mother, 3 children.
01/18/1920 Tracey “Lee” Adams, Jr. Employed by Pratt and Whitney Aircraft for 32 years. He was a Navy Veteran of World War II.
07/06/1920 Madeline Lucas (born Elcik) Worked as a cashier at the A&P Grocery and Mr. Grocer’s in York for many years. Mother, 7 children.
10/29/1920 Norman Philip Gamache Worked most of his life at Pejepscot Paper Company as a foreman in the papermaking division before retiring in September of 1982 after 42 years.
11/29/1920 Ferne W. Adams Mother, raised 11 of 12 children. Eight sons represented the five military services, with a total of 55 years.
11/17/1921 Gertrude Gamache (born Elcik) Worked in the Worumbo Mill and later worked several years at the Rosenberg’s Department Store. Mother, 2 children.
10/7/1925 Andrew W. Elcik A papermaker for Fraser Paper in Madawaska, Great Northern in Millinocket and Brown Co. in Berlin, N.H. He had also been associated with Huyck Felt Co. in Rensselaer, N.Y., and worked as a consultant with S.D. Warren Co. in Westbrook. He retired in 1993 from Northrop Devine and Tarbell Engineering in Portland. After retiring, he served as a rehabilitation engineer for the State of Maine Department of Rehabilitation.
12/08/1925 Roland M. “Mac” McClanahan A US Navy veteran, he proudly served in both World War II and the Korean War stationed on a Navy War Vessel. He owned McClanahan Sales, a manufacturing equipment rep firm specializing in automotive rebuilding equipment. Also, in the mid-1960s and he and his wife, Ruth, owned the Mary Carter Paint franchises in Indianapolis. Mother, 3 children.
11/10/1926 Barbara Elcik (born Morse) Legal secretary in Boston, Portland, and Madawaska. Barbara taught in Milan, N.H.
for six years in grades 3 to 6 and later in Casco, Naples, and Sebago as a Learning Disabilities teacher, as well as a teacher of the Gifted and Talented enrichment classes. She retired from Sebago Elementary School in 1991. Mother, 2 chidren.
06/30/1928 John P. Elcik, III Communications Technician, U.S. Navy.
06/02/1929 Wanda L. McCauley/ Elcik (Born Simmons) Excelled in accounting as a new hire at American Health. Mother, 3 children.
09/24/1929 Joyce Elaine Skillin (born Gardner) Worked many jobs over the course of her lifetime, including working in the potato fields of Aroostook County, selling Fuller Brush products, working as a waitress, and also a private duty Certified Nursing Assistant.
07/09/1930 Jacqueline Elcik/ Skillin (born Skillin) Employed as a telephone operator before marriage and as a clerical worker in her senior years. Mother, 3 children.
01/29/1931 Richard Arthur Elcik Maine State Trooper.
07/06/1931 Clyde Raymond Skillin, Jr. Salesman.
03/26/1933 Eugene Paul “Gene” Elcik Teacher, Author. His novels are: “Challenges,” 2nd edition; “Desperation of Souls,” 2nd edition; “The Lobsterman of Deep Cove, Maine,” 2nd edition; “Shiloh, the Deception of a Cult, (1861- 1951)”; 2nd edition; “The Confessional, the Sins Within;” and “Beyond the Snows of Maine.”
04/16/1935 Thomas E. Gruhl In 1960, he was accepted into the Management Training Program for Merchants National Bank which began his 32-year career with the Frenzel family and brought him to Zionsville as President of Farmers State Bank, which became Mid State Bank, then Merchants, National City, and finally PNC Bank.
09/04/1935 Karen Lawler (born Strand) Worked at numerous places during a lifetime in Indianapolis including Western Electric (Nokia), Anacomp, The University of Indianapolis, and Personnel Management Corp. Taught English As A Second Language at the University of Indianapolis.
09/07/1940 Edward P. Elcik Appraiser.
12/06/1942 John Edmond “Jack” Gamache Engineer, Tambrands Inc., Procter & Gamble.
02/13/1947 Larry Joseph Kashmer
11/05/1948 Nancy Kashmer (born Gamache) PSA1 at NPC?
03/17/1952 Kathleen Ann Gruhl (born McClanahan) Stock Broker, Dean Witter Reynolds, EF Hutton.
05/03/1952 John P. Elcik, IV, Ed.D. Marketer; College and University Administrative Software. College Admissions. Retail Management.
05/16/1953 Andrew W. “Buck” Elcik Began his career at the paper mill, The Brown Company. He moved his way up the company to paper machine superintendent until he had a swimming accident in 1984, leaving him with quadriplegia. Andrew continued his work at the paper mill as it changed ownership to James River and Frazer, and when he retired in 2005, he was a Quality Assurance Diagnostician.
07/29/1954 James Stacy Elcik Retail Store Manager at TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement, Hecht’s, Montgomery Wards.
12/29/1954 Pamela Ann Elcik (born McClanahan) College Admissions Counselor. Mother, 2 children.
03/05/1960 Suzanne Mary “Suzy” Elcik (born McMahon) Sales and Marketing, Boat Captain at Watermark Tours Charters Cruises.

02/10/1961 Jeffrey Lee Elcik Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare.
09/08/1965 Kelly Ann McClanahan Teacher at Racine Unified School District.
03/27/1968 Shannon Lee McClanahan Educator.
06/23/1970 Loni Beth Knoedler (born Gamache)
05/30/1972 John Derek Gamache Lead Operator at The Dingley Press.
08/30/1981 Dennis Duryea Radiologist at Penn State Health. Served as a Musculoskeletal Fellow and chief resident in diagnostic radiology at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.
06/06/1984 Stacey Daniel Duryea, MD (born Elcik) Anesthesiologist.
7/11/1986 Matthew Portell Financial Center Manager, Bank of America.
11/05/1986 John “J.P.” Elcik, V

Science Teacher at Gateway Charter Schools.

04/13/1987 Lauren Portell (born Elcik) Social Studies Teacher at Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland.
11/16/1987 Michelle Kathleen Elcik Certified Pharmacy Tech, Walgreens.
10/12/1990 Samuel Martin Elcik, DMD Dentist.
11/25/1992 Christopher James Elcik, Ph.D. College Professor in the Geography department at the University of Georgia, Phi Kappa Phi.
05/12/1993 Maxwell Crews Elcik Retail Sales, Music.
01/26/1994 Devon Elcik (born Flickinger) GIS Analyst | Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department.
02/26/1998 Harrison Joseph Elcik

¹Occupations are found in historical and public records. Sources include the U.S. Federal Census, Obituaries, and LinkedIn.